Oh, sorry. I noticed the 'this blog is inactive' only now.

It’s no problem! I don’t post here anymore, but I still receive ask notifications. I don’t know the name of the yaoi you were asking about, but someone on a Manga Inquiry thread may be able to help you! Manga Fox and Baka Manga updates both have ones, and there may be one on tumblr that I don’t know about.

If you find it, maybe send the name my way, it sounded interesting. :)

Here is the description in case anyone following happens to know:

I’ve been looking for this manga everywhere but can’t seem to find it. All I remember is that its main theme is the established relationship of the couple. One of them is a businessman who’s got troubles voicing his feelings for his partner even though they’re living together and love one another very much. 

One day his boss makes an offer and asks him to move to another town, I believe. Both of the partners know that it’s a very promising prospect and seem ready to go along with it, but are also aware of how the distance might affect their relationship. The manga (as far as I remember) end with the other man getting a day-off, going to the town and waiting for his partner on the street.